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April 16 2019

Update: BoBiennale Festival Website

An update to the festival website www.bobiennale.de. The design was relaunched and some CMS features have been improved for the 2019 festival.

BoBiennale is a festival in Bochum, Gemany with more than 100 artists and participants in more than 40 locations in the city.

Screenshot bobiennale.de

April 02 2019

New Website: sagdemwind.de

I created a small website for a great documentary film: www.sagdemwind.de. You can also watch a trailer and the whole documentary (German, English subtitles) on Vimeo. Have a look.

January 16 2019

New Website: kulturbeutel-duisburg.de

A new website I contributed to: www.kulturbeutel-duisburg.de. Showing local artists, events and news in and around Duisburg.


April 28 2018

New Website: KK47

A new website I contributed to: www.kk47.de. A conference website created with a symfony-based CMS. More about this custom made CMS in the future.

August 07 2017

New Website: Rottstraße 5 / Kunsthallen

Following new web sites I contributed to are online: www.rottstr5-kunsthallen.de and www.rottstr5.org.

My contribution was frontend/backend development (using a symfony-based CMS with multi-language and multi-site capability).

June 02 2017

BoBiennale – Festival Website

A new web project I contributed to is online: www.bobiennale.de. BoBiennale is a festival in Bochum, Gemany with more than 100 artists and participants in more than 40 locations in the city. My contribution was frontend and backend development, using a symfony-based CMS.

March 28 2017

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Baby essentials. Left in the baby section of a Target.

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December 30 2016

Google Apps Script to backup Docs from Google Drive

This script for Google Drive finds all Google Doc-files inside Drive, converts them to PDF and sends them via (one or more) emails to the currently logged in user. Since there’s a quota of 25 MB for attachments in one email the script sends multiple emails if the PDFs get too large.

As a backup it’s useful to have a copy of the Doc files because they exist only as links on your local Drive folder, so in case you accidentally delete them (or something goes wrong at Google, which is not very probable) you at least have a read-only copy.

The script is used as a web-app, so it can be triggered via a URL.


Please note (“Disclaimer”): Knowledge of Google Apps Script is required. For me it works – but it wasn’t extensively testet. Therefore: This script is provided ‘as is’, it might delete all your data or cause other problems. You can use this script freely, but do not redistribute it.

If you have too many Google Docs (with about 20 medium sized docs it worked), the script may take too long and stop with a timeout – in this case the script below is not the right solution.

The script backups not only your Google Docs but all Docs in your account – so if you once opened a Google Doc via a link from somebody else this is also included.

Prevent sending files shared with the current user

If you want to receive only files created by you, not files shared with you, change this line in cwBackupDocs.gs…

if (file.isTrashed() /* || file.getOwner().getEmail() != Session.getActiveUser().getEmail() */) {


if (file.isTrashed() || file.getOwner().getEmail() != Session.getActiveUser().getEmail() ) {


The apps script consists of the following three files, all in the same folder. If you publish it as web-app in your account you get the URL with which to call the backup process, please note that it might take some minutes.


 * CwBackupDocs
 * v1
 * - Backup all Google Docs files in Google Drive
 * - Docs are converted to pdf and sent via e-mail(s) to the current user
 * @author Mario Fischer <mario@chipwreck.de>

 * Backup method: Collect google docs, convert to PDF and send via one or more emails according to filesize
 * @return string
function cwBackupDocs() 
  var maxQuota = 26214400; // 25MB is the quota for attachments
  maxQuota = maxQuota / 3; // Since exact calculation is difficult (attachment encoding etc.),
                           // we sent an email as soon as attachment size exceeds ~8MB
  // Find all google doc files 
  var files = DriveApp.getFilesByType(MimeType.GOOGLE_DOCS);
  var body = "";
  var attachments = [];
  var size = 0;
  var mailsSent = 0;
  // Convert documents to PDF and collect attachments
  // Send an email as soon as we exceed our quota
  while (files.hasNext()) {
    var file = files.next();

    if (file.isTrashed() /* || file.getOwner().getEmail() != Session.getActiveUser().getEmail() */) {
      continue; // do not backup trashed files
    var doc = DocumentApp.openByUrl(file.getUrl());
    var pdf = doc.getAs(MimeType.PDF);
    size += pdf.getDataAsString().length;
    if (size >= maxQuota) {
      // We're above the quota, send an email now and reset variables
      sendDocs(body, attachments);
      attachments = [];
      body = "";
      size = 0;
    body += 'Document: ' + doc.getName() + "\nLink: " + doc.getUrl() + "\n\n";    
  sendDocs(body, attachments);

  return ++mailsSent + " mails sent.";

 * Send an email to the logged-in user with given body text and attachments
 * @param body string
 * @param attachments BlobSource[]
function sendDocs(body, attachments)
  var email = Session.getActiveUser().getEmail();
  var subject = 'Backup from Google Docs - ' + Utilities.formatDate(new Date(), "GMT", "yyyy-MM-dd");
  var body = "Backups are attached.\n\n" + body + "\n--\nRegards.\n";
  GmailApp.sendEmail(email, subject, body,  {
    'attachments': attachments

 * GET for web service call
 * @param e string
 * @return HTMLOutput
function doGet(e)
  var params = JSON.stringify(e);
  return HtmlService.createTemplateFromFile('index').evaluate();

 * includer-helper
 * @param filename string
 * @return string
function include(filename)
  return HtmlService.createHtmlOutputFromFile(filename)


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <base target="_top">
  <?!= include('javascripts'); ?>
    <h2>CwBackup Docs</h2>
    <p>Please wait… (creating emails now, this can take several minutes.)</p>
    <div id="output"></div>


// cwBackupDocs - www.chipwreck.de
window.addEventListener('load', function() {
  function onFailure(error) {
        var div = document.getElementById('output');
        div.innerHTML = "ERROR: " + error.message;
  function onSuccess(result) {
        var div = document.getElementById('output');
        div.innerHTML = 'Success: ' + result;


May 10 2016

Website switch to PHP7

I switched the website to PHP 7, in order to develop some projects directly with more speed and the latest php version. The disadvantage is that some plugins here are not yet php 7 ready, so the next weeks some glitches and/or broken pages might be visible…

February 28 2016

Coda PHP Plugin – not in active development

I’m currently not actively developing the Coda PHP Plugin anymore – I simply don’t have the time to focus on the project. The source code is available, see here.

December 20 2015

Website cleanup – RSS feed

Received an email from google today claiming there may be some suspicious content on the subdomain feeds.chipwreck.de – which is just a DNS redirect to Feedburner (a dying RSS service which was bought by Google some time ago). The warning only occurred for this single subdomain, not for this website.

I had a look with several tools, looked into the database and the filesystem but didn’t find anything irregular. Either this was a false positive or the suspicious content is somehow related to Feedburner. Nevertheless I switched off the subdomain and removed the Feedburner service (which was a good idea anyway, the service has been rumored to shutdown). So if you can’t access the RSS feed anymore point your reader tohttp://www.chipwreck.de/blog/feed/.

Some other parts of the website are also a bit out of date, like “Bookmark this on Technorati!”, Flattr links to my inactive account etc. And the end of the year is a good time to clean up the website.

September 06 2015

OSX + Owncloud = ;(

An update to my post Owncloud setup – replace Dropbox and Google Calendar: After several months with problems syncing files between OSX and owncloud I added this experience to the article.

May 30 2015

Coda PHP & Web Toolkit – Source code

March 11 2015

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February 24 2015

CwCrop Update 1.14

January 13 2015


November 27 2014

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