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July 09 2014

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June 06 2014

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April 26 2014

March 03 2014

January 03 2014

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November 05 2013

Coda PHP & Web Toolkit 4.2beta

A new beta release: Now supports JSHint 2.3 with custom preferences.

What’s new?

  • JSHint 2.3.0 included
  • Removed some legacy options from JSHint configuration
  • Use any JSHint option, there’s a text field in which you can enter JSHint config options. (separated by comma).
    A list of valid options can be found here: jshint.com/docs/options/
  • Rewritten JSHint-Wrapper (because JSHint works a bit differently now)
  • Removed some legacy JSHint options

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October 08 2013

CwCrop 1.0 update

A small update, now the included demo works correctly again. Thanks Caroline for noticing!

More information here and find it of course on Mootools Forge.

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October 05 2013

Coda PHP & Web Toolkit 4.1

New release: Mostly bugfixes and some code rewrite in the background.

What’s new

  • Bugfix for a very improbable exception
  • Code update (mostly internal stuff)
  • Dialog layout improved when resized
  • Prepare stuff for publishing source code (I’ll write about this in a different post the next days)

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August 06 2013

Downtime (just a few hours)

I’m moving my website to a new server (to have php 5.4) – therefore the website will be down for a few hours.

Everything should be up and running in a few hours and I’ll use this (semi-interesting) blog post to mention how content I’m with my provider:
Today I asked if it was possible to move my account to another server with php5.3/php5.4-support because the current server offers php5.3, but only via CGI. This usually is not a big thing, but there are certain drawbacks: For example it’s not possible to use “flush()/ob_flush()”. (Well you can use it, but the page is being sent in one piece anyway). Of course php via CGI was the last thing I thought of .. Before that I tried lots of different esoteric stack overflow hints (“Always send a Carriage Return!”, “Send at least 200 characters before each flush()” and so on..) until I finally realized it might have something to do with the server.

Well, long story short, a few minutes (sic!) later I received an e-mail that this is no problem and my webspace can be moved to another server if desired.

By the way: It seems the Akismet Anti-Spam plugin has some major problems the last weeks – because 95% of all posts I receive for review are spam. Not a very big deal, because I’m talking about 10 to 30 posts per week and according to the stats last month about 19.000 posts were directly marked as spam… – but if you sent a useful comment and it’s not released yet, well that might be the problem, sorry..

This isn’t meant to be stupid advertising or to promote the partner-link below (you’re of course welcome to use it, but I think it’s only interesting for German users) – it’s rather a recommendation.

So, honestly recommended as provider: all-inkl.com.

ALL-INKL.COM - Webhosting Server Hosting Domain Provider (Partnerlink)

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July 15 2013

Pinboard Safari Extension Beta 2.91

Just a small update, removed some debug code and fixing the update link so there’s no useless update warning for the previous non-beta-version

Download and more…

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June 23 2013

First streetwear label for human rights

Tellavision clothing is such a great project: Kids in problematic environments can design their own streetwear fashion – these creations are sold online. 5 Euro of each sold item go directly to the local organization in India, Tanzania etc. And the designed shirts/hoodies look much better (and more unique) than lots of brand stuff you can buy these days.

The project is also supported by terre des hommes and the clothes itself are organic, certified by several labels like GOTS, Fairwear, earth positive etc.

Tellavision Clothing Streetwear

Shipping currently only to Germany, so if you’re in Germany: Visit tellavision-clothing.com

My small contribution was setting up and customizing the Magento online shop.

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June 19 2013

Next up aka “quite busy”

Hi - just a short post to let you know what’s up next:

Probably a small update for PHP Web Toolkit (surprise, surprise)

  • Try upgrading CSSTidy to the next devel snapshot
  • Try upgrading/checking JSHint 2.x

Please note: The definition of “next” may vary – because I’m quite busy at the moment so it might take some weeks until I find the time to continue with my “spare time projects”..

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May 10 2013

Coda PHP & Web Toolkit: Keep single quotes with CSSTidy

My Coda plugin uses CSSTidy as a cleanup tool to (re)format CSS code. This works quite well, but it has a “feature” that isn’t always right: It removes single quotes from CSS. In this case the single quotes arond the url are removed:

   background:#333 url('images/bg-stripes2.png') repeat 0 0;

In order to disable this behaviour here’s a quick workaround. Please note that updating the plugin removes this modification, so if I release the next version I hope I can add a configuration option for this but in the between time here’s how to quickly stop CSStidy from removing quotes:

  • Open the finder and go to (your user folder)/Library/Application Support/Coda 2/Plug-ins (Or “/Coda/” for Coda 1)
  • Right click on “PhpPlugin.codaplugin”, select “Show package contents”
  • Now navigate to “Contents” and then to “Resources”, you’ll see all the support files for the Coda PHP plugin
  • Find the file “csstidy.php” and open it with a Text Editor (I recommend TextMate or Coda itself)
  • Go to line 2958 which reads: $_cur_string = substr($_cur_string, 1, -1);
  • Add two slashes before this line, like this: // $_cur_string = substr($_cur_string, 1, -1);
  • Save the file, exit and restart Coda and you’re done

Of course making a backup of this file is recommended. If you totally screwed up something you can delete the plugin-file and reinstall it without problems :)

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March 27 2013

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March 18 2013

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